Fiabee for Individuals

Fiabee provides a cloud-mobile service that aggregates and synchronizes selected information across all the user’s devices, with full, bi-directional, native sync with local desktop file systems and broad platform support.

Automatic upload of pictures

At any moment, a user can upload and back-up automatically all his mobile pictures when a WiFi connection is available, or even on a 3G/4G mobile network.

Easy backup of contacts

Contacts backup can be executed at any time, to keep them available in case the device is lost.

Remote wipe in case of lost or theft

A user can perform a remote wipe of the Fiabee information stored on any mobile device that is linked to his account. The remote does not affect other applications or other information stored on the devices. Information is not deleted on the server and can be restored by the user at any time.

Fully Automated Desktop Sync

Fiabee applications for Windows and Mac perform a full automated sync of content so users do not have to perform any task to have their information available on the go or for changes done on their mobile devices to be available on their laptop/computer.

Easy-to-use contextual menus

To execute multiple tasks with the files, like offline search, share files, rename, create, and even print using Google Cloud Print

Share big files with controlled links

Fiabee allows the sharing of big files with automatically generated sharing links to which the user can set a password and an expiration time.

Automatic version tracking

As a user edits documents locally, Fiabee app for desktop (PC and Mac) will automatically retain the last 30 versions of the same document. When sharing a folder with other users, the automatic version tracking feature will keep track the changes made to each document and by whom. In addition, users can add comments to any version of the document.

Individual folder permissions

When a user shares a folder, he can choose to assign permissions to the user he shares it with. He can also track all the users that access his folder, and change or revoke permissions at any time.


Deleted files are archived and may be recovered up to 30 days from the date of deletion.

Local passcode

To enhance security, a local passcode can be defined to prevent unauthorized access to the application.