Fiabee for mobile lets you access, erase, share, synchronize files, including photos taken and stored on your mobile’s photo gallery. You can even download and edit them locally from your mobile or tablet.

If you have installed Fiabee on other devices, including your computer or other mobile devices, this feature would be of particular interest: Any file you upload from any of your devices can be viewed, shared and managed directly from your smartphone.

Other features include:

  1. Remote wipe: in case of theft or loss you can go to and remotely delete the Fiabee folder on your device. Only the files stored in Fiabee will be deleted, not the entire smartphone.
  2. Local access PIN: you can assign a four-digit PIN for local access to the Fiabee app from "Settings" at the Fiabee app. Note that the application must have been properly closed for the PIN to work. This is due to an internal process of iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android operating systems. Consult the iOS and Android user manuals for how to close the app properly.
  3. Automatic upload of all photos you’ve taken with your mobile device. Fiabee will automatically create a "Camera" folder within the Android device which will also be replicated across all your other devices using Fiabee. When you take a new photo, it will be automatically uploaded. If you share the "Camera" photo with others, they will be able to enjoy your photos as soon as you’ve taken them. In the case of iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) the Fiabee app must remain open to upload the photos. In the Android app the process runs on the background.
  4. Cloud Print: Print directly from your smartphone any document using Google Cloud Print. To configure the Google account you can find information and detail in this link:
  5. Offline access to your documents: you can select individually the files you want to be accessible on your mobile device, even when you have no access to the Internet.
  6. Edit and synchronize: Fiabee allows you to export and import documents from third mobile apps for editing. You must have installed a mobile commercial editor like "Documents to Go" or similar.
  7. Search through all devices, even without an Internet connection: your documents’ metadata are replicated locally, so you can perform a search even when offline and regardless of the device from which the document originated or is stored.
  8. You can share specific files from your mobile without having to download them: Fiabee’s app creates a link which you could email from your mobile. The recipient could download the file by clicking on the link you’ve sent. Remember, links will expire within 72 hours of sending but there is no limit to the number of links you could create.

In order to access your Fiabee account, you’ll need to install Fiabee for mobile (Android). Fiabee for mobile is available in the Android Market.

Fiabee for mobile allows you to upload files and see all files in your account directly from your mobile device.

Instructions for viewing your Fiabee account files on your mobile:

  1. Launch the Fiabee app and click on "My Fiabee"
  2. You’ll see a complete list of folders and files.

Fiabee for mobile (Android) downloads and updates the list of files in your account automatically.

However, you’ll need to manually force the upload of all files, excluding your photos to load them to your Fiabee account.

Instructions for uploading files from your mobile to your Fiabee account:

  1. You have two options to send files to your Fiabee account:
    1. In the Fiabee for mobile app:
      1. Select the file
      2. Open the contextual menu and click on "upload"
    2. Outside of the Fiabee mobile app:
      1. Select the file
      2. Click the contextual menu and select "Share" or "Send"
  2. Synchronization of the files on my Fiabee account from my mobile is automatic

    As previously mentioned, yes, Fiabee for mobile will automatically download and update a list of the files you have in your Fiabee account.

  3. Synchronization of the photos on my mobile device

    Fiabee for mobile devices can be configured to automatically upload all photos in the camera folder any time we have an Internet connection available.

    This option is deactivated by default. To activate the automatic photo synchronization, follow these instructions:
    1. In the Fiabee mobile app, click on the contextual menu "Settings"
    2. Go to the synchronization section. There you can chose one of the following synchronization options:
      1. Automatic synchronization only with Wi-Fi
      2. Automatic synchronization with Wi-Fi and 3G
    Keep in mind that only photos in the "Camera" folder will synchronize.

Fiabee for mobile (Android) allows you to download any file that you have in your account. Fiabee doesn’t limit the types of files you can view. The files you can view depend entirely on the applications you have installed for viewing a variety of files.

For example, if you want to open a Word files, you’ll need to have an application installed for opening and editing Word files.

Fiabee for mobile can upload all of the photos you have in your camera folder on your mobile device when you have an Internet connection available.

This option is deactivated by default. In order to activate automatic photo synchronization option follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the contextual menu, "Settings"
  2. Go to the synchronization section. There you can chose between two different synchronization options:
    1. Automatic synchronization only with Wi-Fi
    2. Automatic synchronization with Wi-Fi and 3G

Keep in mind that videos in the "Camera" folder will not synchronize.

Deleted files will be saved for 30 days and you can recover them through the Fiabee website. This feature allows you to recover files that you’ve accidentally deleted.

Instructions for deleting files from your mobile with Fiabee:

  1. Select the file you want to work with and open the contextual menu.
  2. Select "delete".

Fiabee for mobile (Android) lets you review the files you have in your Fiabee account, as well as share them individually with others. This feature is very useful for sharing large files, files difficult to send through a mobile connection.

When you want to share a file, Fiabee allows you to create a download link for the file. You can share this link with third parties and they can then download when they receive it.

Instructions for sharing files:

  1. Go to the Fiabee mobile application
  2. Find the file you want to share in "My Fiabee" - it will be in the list of files and folders.
  3. Select the file and open the contextual menu and select "Share".
  4. Select the email program you wish to use to send the shared download link.
  5. You will see the file information within the automatically generated email.
  6. Send the email to the recipient of your choice.
  7. During the next 72 hours he or she will be able to download the file you’ve shared using the link.