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    to the next level
    Cloud-Mobile collaboration platform
    for Telecom Operators, Service Providers, ISV and Enterprises

White labeled mobile collaboration platform

Trusted by Tier 1 and Tier 2 Telecom Operators and ISVs worldwide

Your Brand

Launch Fiabee’s co-branded or white labeled solution with your own brand to engage with and retain your customers. Offer our top quality service as your own.

Management Console

Granular administrative control over content and permissions granted to users across multiple mobile and desktop devices, enabling secure mobile collaboration on-the-move.

Open API

Enrich the platform by integrating with other cloud-enabled processes, and foster your developer community by developing apps on top of the Fiabee platform.

Public or Private Cloud

Fiabee is available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) leveraging Amazon web services (AWS) cloud computing capabilities or in your own private cloud.

New Revenue Stream

Fiabee is a 100% new value-Added Service. Telecom Operators and Managed Service Providers are able to generate a new revenue stream by delivering effective Cloud-Mobile Collaboration Solutions at a fraction of the cost of in-house IT hardware and software.

Innovative Business Models

Fiabee’s choice of "Revenue Sharing" or "pay-as-you-grow" business models makes going-to-market fast and low risk.

Grow your addressable market

No Business operates in isolation. Business subscribers share Fiabee’s secure cloud-mobile collaboration links with external business partners who in turn learn and experience its benefits.


As businesses and consumer subscribers become more comfortable with Fiabee’s security and granular administrative controls, they invest in more capacity, new mobile devices and new lines.

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Increase retention

Fiabee is "Sticky" because it enables and promotes syncing and sharing essential documents on-the-move, making it difficult to switch to other service providers.